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Good Metticine  is...

The Syracuse Area Music Award's 2018 Best R&B Album!!!

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Webpage background video by John Emmett Greer


Diana Jacobs Band with the Next Level Horns LIVE at the New York State Fair 2017


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Upcoming Events

  • August 16, 2018
    Dave Kuykendall & Diana Jacobs Duo, Auburn, N.Y.
  • August 17, 2018
    DJB, Fair Haven, N.Y.
  • August 18, 2018
    DJB, Rochester, N.Y.
  • August 19, 2018
    Diana Jacobs/Dave Kuykendall/Jimmy Richard Trio, Geneva, N.Y.
  • August 23, 2018
    DJB, Syracuse, NY

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